Morning Fluff: The planet’s white tiger population increased by roughly four percent with the birth of these cubs at Skazka Zoo in Yalta, Ukraine. It’s rare for a white tiger female to give birth to four cubs, but even rarer for one to be albino.


I wish white tigers would stop being a thing. This video acts like white tigers are “rare” because of the reasons regular animals are rare. As if they are endangered or something. There’s something very wrong with this video. White tigers are not some subspecies of tiger. They are merely the result of a recessive gene. That means you get it effectively by inbreeding. There are not many instances of white tigers in the wild. Basically all the white tigers in the world were bred in captivity. They should not be bred, they should not be showcased like this. They should not be celebrated. We should stop interfering with animals’ breeding to make creatures that look “pretty” and “exotic” but suffer from the consequences of our involvement.

Read, learn.

(Source: thedailywhat)