Mandawuy Yunupingu died last night. He was a most wonderful man. His contributions toward reconciliation should never be forgotten nor given up.


Confession: My guilty pleasure is /r/relationships. It’s like reading the personal letters in trashy magazines or anonymous tell-all blogs. I have read a lot of hilariously dramatic threads on this subreddit in my time as a subscriber, but I think this one takes the cake. It’s even better than the one where some woman found out her mid-20s boyfriend pissed in cups late at night on the couch by finding one of his piss cups the next morning. I mean seriously, “Boyfriend ate my fish. How do I get him to make it up to me?” This is comedy routine material.



#WTF of the Day

The Skywhale hot air balloon, a sculpture by internationally renowned artist Patricia Piccinini, is flown near Mt Arapiles in the southern Australian state of Victoria

Picture: Mark Chew/AFP/Getty Images/Fairfax Media

Oh man I love Piccinini

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Patron Saint of Bridge Burners new album isn’t as good as I thought it would be.

The lyricism, technique and production has improved, but man, doesn’t have the emotional power of Sorry.

I was worried about this; clearly I need to have another bad breakup. But seriously give it a listen anyway, this is the best I can do while not simultaneously wanting to kill myself.

Edit: I thought I’d add that I completely agree. I listened to some more new music and none of what I’ve made is anywhere near what I want it to be. I’ve been listening to lots of Phil Elverum and Jordaan Mason and the Horse Museum, and I think I really need to dig in deeper to make something I can really be proud of.

People don’t want to hear you sing about the shitty world, they just want you to sing about your shitty relationships.

Seriously, I prefer NWAASOB to Sorry., I find it more rounded and overall a more intense listening experience. ‘Symphorophilia’ is my jam.


On a sunny August day, much like any other day,
soaring overhead America the Brave’s
a tiny little airplane called Enola Gay
performed both its first and final air raid.
It dropped a bomb called Little Boy
that killed ten thousand little boys in a flash
and in time killed a quarter million more.
Then my teacher taught me they flew to Nagasaki
to show those nameless Japanese what for.
To this day we justify the use of weapons that vaporised
a hundred thousand innocents in the blink of an eye.

This is how we know
those guns aren’t just for show.

This machine is flesh and blood and bones
so break the bones and rip the flesh
and spill the blood they stole,
smash their crowns and let the heads roll!

Oklahoma! Oklahoma!

On a sunny August day, much like any other day,
in the just nation America the Brave
the FBI got the green light to shoot on sight.
They’d killed Weaver’s son and then they killed his wife.
Then that sniper showed up next in Waco, Texas
to shoot another crazy fuck named David Koresh.
His followers all died in the ensuing blaze,
only some of the children managed to escape.
It was just another day for Timothy McVeigh
when he lit that fuse and blew more innocents away.

He couldn’t let it go,
he wanted them to know.

This machine is flesh and blood and bones
so break the bones and rip the flesh
and spill the blood they stole,
smash their crowns and let the heads roll!

Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!
Oklahoma! Oklahoma!

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4

  • Tyrion: Hey Varys, I want to talk you about something.
  • Varys: Look, forget about that. Remember how I was going to tell you before the battle how my balls got cut off?
  • Tyrion: Yeah, but I'm not sure I really want to know now.
  • Varys: Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway. So I was born as a slave and sold to a dude who I thought was probably a paedophile but ended up being a magician who cut off my balls for his religious magic ritual.
  • Tyrion: OK, that's pretty awful.
  • Varys: Yeah, it was. But hey, guess what! I've got that motherfucker right here in this box!
  • Tyrion: What the fuck?

I will send my fear before thee,
and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come,
and I will make all thine enemies turn their backs onto thee.

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"I don’t care about the politics, I just like to kill pigs."

— My dad, on Angry Birds


They’ll say that I went peacefully,
that my heart just simply stopped beating,
but the reality is we all die
crying and kicking and screaming